Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dawes Arboretum: Set 3

Yesterday I went to the Columbus Art Fest.  I have some shots of Downtown Columbus that I would like to edit and post.  But, I have 3 other sets of photos to edit too.  So, I told myself that I would not edit this most recent set of photos and post them until the other photos were done.  Thus, here we are.  This is my last set of photos from Dawes that I took 2 weeks ago went I went with the Hike Ohio group.  There are some good pictures and I'm ashamed that I've sat on them for so long.  Lazy bones. 

Well, I hope you like them.  Throughout the rest of the day I plan to edit the rest of the photos I have backlogged and then get up to date.  Enjoy!


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