Saturday, March 31, 2012

Here and there....

On Thursday, I went on a nice long hike.  3 miles on the bike path on near West State Street Park.  However, I was really walking, so I didn't shoot many pictures.

Today, I had a short frame of time before I wanted to be somewhere, so I went on a 'mini-hike'.  I got a few good pictures.  So, I've combined the two and have 31 pretty nice shots from those days.  Nothing overly fancy, just some scenic early spring shots.

Hope you like them.  Thanks for making March a fabulous month!  Readership has  been incredible.  I am looking forward to April and plan to give you great photos to keep the readership up and hopefully keep your attention.  Enjoy!

Sayings Saturday

On a quick note, please do not read anything into this. Thank you.  It is just a saying and something I feel and have felt for a long time.  I also don't believe in 'soul mates' or fairy tales.  They all sound nice, but are fallacies we create to make ourselves feel better.  Wow, I'm a buzz kill.  Happy Saturday!