Monday, March 26, 2012

The Weekend Past: Home...

This last weekend I did something I haven't done for 2 months.  I went home, to Smithville, my hometown.  I went to visit my family briefly.  I haven't seen my parents, niece, nephews, brothers, sisters-in-law, or baby bump nephew, I was beginning to forget what they all looked like.  It wasn't that I hadn't wanted to, just that...well, I had needed some April time to be.  Now, I'll be home again in two weeks for Easter.  Then, before long, it will be time for Logan to be born (just about 6 more weeks).  So my hiatus will be at a close. 

Anyway,  I took a bunch of pictures of the kids, and in my parents garden.  I hope you like them.  I REALLY do!  Enjoy!

Isn't she something?  She had on fancy shoes and wasn't allowed to leave the porch.  So, I had been having this image of her wearing my Wellies anyway and when she got upset, boom, it hit me.  Put her in the Wellies.  Yes, they were HUGE!  But, she loved them and we tramped all over the yard, the garden and back.  I love this photo.  She is so beautiful!

Pooh is a big believer in Fairies and I for one love that.  As I was taking this shot, she is squatted down with me and is just in awe.  'April, isn't it cool that the Fairies do this.  They put all this water here.'  I hope she stays this innocent for a while longer.  I adore it!  Makes me want to cry.

Tell me she isn't beautiful?!  I love her freckles.  She says, 'we'll put them on you!'  She obviously is not a fan.
Kayla's hand and mine on a tree while we were 'exploring' the front yard at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Nicholas' hand and mine while we were out exploring.

Okay, this is not attractive.  But, here it is.  Nicholas took this picture.  I always let the kids take a few shots.  This was one of his.  I was teaching them about sandstone and he wanted a picture of the sandstone and this is how he 'set' it up.  I didn't edit it at all, just framed it.  Sorry, I look horrid.

Nicholas' other photograph.  His choice of subject again.  He was going for the leaves and base of the tree.

Kayla's first photograph.  What's sad is I also took a photo of this flower and mined sucked.  A 7 year old took a better shot.  Go figure.

Kayla's other shot.  She really didn't know what she was shooting.  I told her it was abstract and that's really cool and popular.  She'll be all the rage.

Back to Aunt April's work.  My hydrangea, all dried out.

Of course the truck will drive in the leaves.

I love this picture.  Look at Paul's face.  He is so sweet. (Looking.)


You can see the demon, right?  But he is so lovable.  My baby...

Oh Nick.  He was being sooooo uncooperative!  But, he is a rowdy boy and I wouldn't have him any other way!  I love him.  Such a good looking young man!  And he is getting so big!

Grandma and Kayla.  Love this.  Of course Kayla is actually bawling.  This is right before my idea of the boots.  Grandma is one of her favorite people and they are just so much alike.  Look at them.  My goodness....genetics.

How handsome is this child?  Look at him all dressed up and ready to put on a show.  Nerves of steal too.  He is about to have his first piano recital.  I'm so proud!

Nicholas' mom, Angela.  My sister-in-law.  Loved her with the flowers.

Playing his second piece.  The Donkey.  He did EXTREMELY well.  No nerves, just great playing.  It was beautiful.  I was a very proud Aunt!  I have a video too!!!

Paul slept through the entire recital.  Thank you Jesus.  Some days things work out just right.  Look how sweet this is.  Even with my big bro in the picture!

He did not want me to take his picture.  However, I am his Aunt and I don't care.  I usually win.  Ha.  And he is sooo cute!

Much happier and ready to get into trouble!!!!

Nicholas with his Piano teacher.  Great job baby!  I am so proud of you.  You are learning well and doing a great job!!!


  1. I am so glad you got back home!!

    It looks like it was a great trip home...those kids are growing up SO fast! Such sweethearts.

    (I love your necklace in the one photo!!)

  2. You have a beautiful family!