Monday, December 3, 2012

Elf-on-the-Shelf: and the Barbies

Today Dad and I had to do some traveling.  Since I am not allowed to drive because of my injury, my father has to take me around.  Anyway, we left in the morning to go to Athens so that I could check on my house, get the mail, pick up some medications, etc.  Then we had to get to Columbus for a doctor's appointment that I had scheduled. 

I was a little nervous.  Leaving all day like that meant leaving Max alone in the house for the entire day.  Would he be able to handle it?  He had done a good job the day before, so I was willing to trust him.  Sunday night I laid him down on the chair to sleep and in the morning he was on the washing machine again.  I guess that must be his designated return spot in the house.  I put him back on the chair before we left and told him to be good.

When we got home, this is what I found...
Evidently Max was bored.  He must have needed some company and something fun to do.  He and the Barbies were playing my Barbie Queen of the Prom board game.  He wasn't winning, but he seemed to be doing well.  There didn't seemed to be anything else out of place in the house; so all-in-all he wasn't too bad.  I will just say I don't like having to clean up after him but I have a feeling this may be something I have to work on with him (and have to get used to!)

Well, I hope you enjoy my photo for the day.  Max sure is making things lively around here!  Merry Christmas!


  1. Max is hanging with the careful Max, or you will end on the naughty list ;-) heehee

    (how did your appointment go?)

  2. Yeah, I did notice that none of the Ken's were invited to play...

    This appointment was just with the allergist. Just routine, well as much as any appointment is for me! A few medication adjustments to make me stop sneezing so much whenever someone gets near me wearing perfume or I get close to a candle! My nose is so sensitive!!!!

    As for my foot/ankle, it is coming along. I have been released back out of the book and now have a really fancy brace to wear. It is a pain, but better than the boot. I also can start back to physical therapy! I still have to be really careful as the tendonitis is pretty bad but the break is healed! Now we just have to get my ankle functioning properly so that I can walk somewhat normally, that it doesn't swell when I have it down for more than an hour and that I can actually have some range of motion back! I am hoping to be released to light duty at the end of the month! So fingers crossed!