Friday, December 7, 2012

Elf-on-the-Shelf: Popcorn and White Christmas

Max, Max, Max, Max, Max!  This Elf is being ornery!  Yesterday I should have learned my lesson.  I didn't and neither did he!  I changed the password on my cell phone, but didn't think to change the password on my laptop.  Since they were both the same, Max got on my laptop.

Tonight my nephews came over to be with us.  While we were upstairs toward the end of the evening Max really went all out.  We must have been making a lot of noise because I didn't hear a thing.  He popped a bag of popcorn, moved the baby's swing, set up the laptop on the recliner, and started a movie on Netflix!  When I came downstairs he was gently swinging in the swing, on a blanket, with a bowl of popcorn, watching 'White Christmas.'  Now I need to change the password on my laptop too!

I wrote a quick email to Santa to let him know what Max has been up to.  I don't mind too much but, I don't want him to go any further and if he is going to be going to some child's house next year, he needs to shape up a bit.  Oh Max! 

Well, he is in bed; early again and I am going to try to work on some Christmas presents!  I have included a couple of pictures of the 'brat' in action!  Don't laugh; he's in trouble!  Merry Christmas!


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