Monday, December 31, 2012

First Snow 2012

We had our first major snow this past week.  I've been wanting to go outside and take some photos, but with my foot/ankle still healing it is difficult.  However, yesterday after we got home from lunch out for my little brother's birthday lunch I decided to walk around the house and take a few pictures.  A little bit of exercise is good for me, as long as I don't do too much.  So, I walked around the house and out back by the historical society buildings to get a few pretty snow shots.  I really love them and was just pleased to be out and taking photos.  I really miss having the opportunity to do that.  I have taken some pictures in the past month of family and such; but nature photography is really my favorite thing to do.  I am fervently praying that in the next month I will be released back to work and able to start walking more and get outside.  (Not just for photography, but to go home, lose weight, etc.  It's been 6 months almost!)

Anyway, here are my photos.  I am in love with them, but I think my eye is a little skewed right now just because I was so desperate to post and take some pictures.  I hope you like them!  Enjoy!


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