Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sayings Saturday

I felt this saying needed a little explanation.  I love trees.  This should be obvious from other posts.  I am a tree huger.  Literally, I have been known to hug trees and I often encourage the kids in my care to do the same.  Trees Rock Solid!

I believe trees have a deep spirit and are a major part of the balance and rhythm of the earth and not just in the typical biological ways.  When I hike, I am always on the look out for my favorite tree of the hike.  I also like to touch trees.  Just to connect with them and with nature.  I know it sounds odd, but that is me. 

On a side note, every day I wear a set of jewelry that has trees on them.  The Tree of Life.  The Tree of Life is mentioned in all major religions and is in the Bible from Genesis through Revelations.  Thus, my love of trees is strong, deeply rooted and I don't think will ever go away. 

So, today I encourage you to get out and touch a tree.  If, for no other reason than the sensory experience of the feel of the bark, (and all bark is very different).  But, it can also be your way to connect with nature, say thank you for the air you breathe, and find a deeper connection with the world and the spirit of all living things.

Thanks for listening to my rant.   

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