Saturday, March 17, 2012

Indian Run Falls Park Dublin, Ohio - March 14: Set #1

On Wednesday after a long day of doctor's appointments, I took a little time to enjoy nature.  I had seen the sign in Dublin before for Indian Run Falls Park and was curious to check it out.  So off I went.  Wow, it was worth it.  The day was beautiful, the falls were gorgeous and the walk I had after the stressful day of appointments (and the horrible week I had been having-really, really horrible) was just what I needed.  This is a gem of a park and the walking path is nice.  I would definitely recommend this to anyone in the area or passing through, especially for the amazing views of the falls.

Hope you enjoy this first set of photos.  I'll try to post the 2nd tomorrow.  And I'll try to get my first set up from my hike today at the Ridges.  Enjoy!


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