Friday, March 30, 2012

Fill In the Blanks Friday

Yeah!  It is time for Fill In the Blanks Friday.  I am so excited.  Love this part of the week.  Hope you want to play along too.  If so, join us here.
1.  My greatest strength is   my ability to think on my feet.  I am good at coming up with things on the fly.  You need that when you work with kids.  .

2.   My greatest weakness is   my shyness and that I put too much of myself into my work.  I have to let go and remember it is just a job!   .

3.  People always compliment me on     my hair color.  (Well not ALWAYS.)  It changes with the seasons but can be really pretty sometimes.   .

4. If you found me procrastinating you'd probably find me    reading, stumbling the internet, pinning, stamping, sewing, watching Netflix, etc.

5. The most cozy place in all the world is  my happy place is in a hammock I once laid in off the gulf coast of Florida.  Sometimes I still feel the warm breeze and hear the ocean.  But more recently, snuggled in an over-stuffed chair with one of my babies.

6. Something new that I tried recently was   using a bar shampoo from my natural products company and I LOVE IT!  I can't wait until they release their conditioner.  My bathing routine will be complete.  Check out Morning Song Gardens.

7.  This weekend I would like to   post a few blogs, go on a big hike on Saturday and do something 'fun' I haven't done in a really long time.  I plan to be busy!


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