Friday, November 30, 2012

Elf-In-Training: Letter from Santa!!!!!

Wow!  I am beyond excited.  Today I got a letter in the mail and I can hardly contain myself!  It was from Santa!  He has enlisted my help to train an Elf-on-the-Shelf!  I feel so privileged!  I felt since I have been asked to do this that I would share my adventures with my Elf here with all of you.  Specifically so that my niece, nephews, and my friend's children from across the state and country can see what my elf is up to throughout the month.

So, I will post pictures daily of what my elf is doing (his name is Max!)  Below I've included my first picture of the letter that I received from Santa!  I can't wait until Max arrives and we get to spend some time together!  Let me know if you have an Elf that comes to visit you and what type of things he/she does at your house!  (I'll post the script of the letter below since it might be hard to read on the actual letter.  There is a lot of glitter on it!)

November 26, 2012

Dear Ms. Bumgardner;

I hope this letter finds you doing well.  I know you have been injured and I sincerely hope that you are healing.  Part of my reason for writing you however, is due to your injury.  Since you are currently not working and away from the children that you normally care for I wanted to write and ask you a special favor. 

Each year I send out thousands of Elves to keep watch over boys and girls all over the world.  They help me to keep track of these children and then report back to me on each child’s individual behavior.  I then am able to decide if the children have been good boys or girls and should receive Christmas gifts from me.

Since I am responsible for so many children it requires me to have a large working force of elves.  This year I have many new elves who are in training.  Due to your special skills in child care and  as an Aunt, I have selected you to be an Elf Trainer.  I will be sending one of my Elves-In-Training to come to your house from the night of December 1st through the night of December 24th. 

The Elf-In-Training who will be coming to you is Max (I hear you have a nephew with that name as well); but we usually call him Rascal as he has a slight tendency to get in trouble.  That is specifically why I wanted to send him to you, as I feel you can handle him.

Please let me know if Max causes any trouble.  I will send you an email with my personal account so that you can report to me if there are any problems.

Thank you so much!  Good Luck and I hope you have fun!!!!

Merry Christmas;

Santa Claus

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