Saturday, December 8, 2012

Elf-on-the-Shelf: Wrapping

I am understanding a little more now why Max is an Elf-in-Training to be an Elf-on-the-Shelf instead of, say, a wrapping elf.  We went out for a little bit tonight as I haven't been out of the house since Monday and wanted to get something at the store.  When we got home I found the scene below:

Evidently Max was feeling a little remorse over the past couple of days when he got into some mischief.  I appreciate his effort to help.  However, he really isn't good at wrapping; he had himself all taped up; and I had to undo everything.  But, as they say, it is the thought that counts.  Thanks Max!

I hope you're enjoying our adventures together and my photos!  Merry Christmas!


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