Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sayings Saturday

Oh my goodness!  I missed a Saturday.  I feel terrible.  (Not that anyone else cares, but I do!)  Last weekend was craziness.  The storm that came through on Friday night took our power and I didn't get any back until late Sunday night.  Then the phone line (that provides the Internet) wasn't completely back until Tuesday.  Then I discovered the modem wasn't working.  A phone call to Frontier resulted in an order for a new modem which should be arriving today or Monday.  So, the only reason I have Internet access today is because I am visiting Family!  Yikes.  I didn't mind the no power too much; I'm used to not having all house AC, I don't have a microwave (and my stove still works) but no Internet kills me.  Thank goodness for my Blackberry and a car charger!  My saving grace.  (I also did some wash in the bathtub!  That's right, I can be really resourceful when I want to be!  I did get a lot of reading done too!)

Anyway, sorry for the lack of blogging.  No Sayings Saturday; I have 3 sets of photos to do!  I am so far behind.  And I have things to do this weekend!  I'll try to get one set of photos done at least, promise!  But, for now here is Sayings Saturday #19.  A week late, but still here.  It is very apropos for my life right now.  I am a bit lost and trying to find my way.  Sometimes the path isn't well marked; you just have to push through and find it.  Even if it hurts and other people look down on you.


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