Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A little craftiness: take 2

Yes that's right I've been doing a little more crafting.  In between not feeling well; some photography and editing; job hunting; and just this and that; I've been up to my crafty ways.  I'm really interested in buttons right now and things to do with them.  (That will be kind of obvious in the photos below.) 

These are a few projects I've worked on.  I have another major embroidery project I've been working on but since it is a Christmas gift, unfortunately I cannot post a picture because the person it is for would see it.  (I know she looks at my blog regularly.)  Just know it is really cool-at least that is what Kayla said after she was sworn to secrecy! 

My next project is currently in the washer being prepped.  I have a hooded sweatshirt that I wear constantly these days and I am going to do some embroidery first on the pockets and then maybe on the chest.  I'm really excited to get started on that.  I drew out some plans last night and am anxious for the wash to be done and to get the sweatshirt in the dryer!  I will be taking pictures of the entire process for this so that you can see how it goes.  I am not claiming to be an expert, this is just an experiment.  But, if it works well-I will share my process and you can try it too!

Anyway, that is enough yammering.  On to the photos.  That is what this blog is about!  Enjoy the pictures of my craft projects and have a lovely day!

A button bracelet.  Found a method to make these on a blog and have been playing around with them ever since.  I have made 4 or five since.  This is my latest.  These are the nice buttons I just bought.  I love this bracelet!  If you'd like to try to make one, check out the blog post where I learned here.

This is actually one of the first button bracelets I made.  I like the leaf button and the flower.  Very fall oriented!

I'm really working on figuring out how to tie the Celtic Heart Knot.   It isn't perfect but I'm getting there...

A wreath made out of paper punch flowers with tiny sparkles for the center.  They are glued onto a ribbon covered wooden embroidery hoop.  Really cool idea I found on Pinterest and changed around a bit.  Love this!

A 2nd wreath.  I like this one a lot.  I plan to put a picture or something in the center.

A paper punch flower and button streamer I made.  Just something I put together as an experiment.

Another view of the streamer.  You can see the detail a little better here.

Jewelry wire necklace.  My first attempt at sculpting, so don't make fun.  It was a lot harder than I thought.

Dragonfly key chain.  I saw something similar on Pinterest and made my own unique version.  Of course using a button...


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