Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Strouds Run Winter Hike #5

After work today I was supposed to go to physical therapy.  But, I had to work late and so I had to cancel my appointment.  That worked out okay, as it gave me the chance to go on a short hike. 

After getting out of work at 5:15 pm, I drove out to Strouds Run.  By 5:40 pm I was changed into my muddy sneakers and prepped for the trail.  I knew I didn't have long to hike (the sun was quickly setting) and I shouldn't hike too much as my knee is still bugging me a bit.  So, I decided on a short jaunt.  

I ended up going for about a half hour, a little over a mile.  It was a nice hike and I have to say the best part was not the beauty of the woods and the pictures I got, but the smell.  Lord, that smell.  That after the rain, woods and trees and fungus and leaves and rot and ....there is no smell like that in the world.  It is amazing and for a little while I stood and just drank it in, eyes closed, mind open and lived it.  So many memories begin with that smell.  Camping with the family, other hikes, working at Wood County, but most of all Camp Mowana.  I felt 7 all over again and just couldn't get enough of that smell!!!!  I'm trying to bring it up in my mind now and it won't come and it is so frustrating.  I am SOOOOOO going back to the woods tomorrow. 

Anyway, I did get a few photos and thought I'd share them.  Hope you like them and that your week is going well.  Almost the weekend!!  Enjoy the pics!

Now, this last picture is obviously not at Strouds Run.  This is a Masterpiece I made at work today.  I was really proud of myself.  The little boy (2.5 years old) who was with me in Child Watch helped a little bit but, mainly this was Miss April.  I haven't sat down and just played and built with the blocks in so long.  My boy helped me put the animals and such on and then we had to snap a photo.  I really think this is cool and decided to include it in my blog for today.  What do you think?


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