Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Few Quick Easter Shots (for now.)

I wanted to get a few of my Easter shots posted.  They are favorites and I know my family will be looking for at least one of these.  The rest, I hope they like.  For everyone else, ENJOY!  (And don't laugh too hard!)

Happy Easter.  Christ is Risen!
Paul and I were practicing batting.  His stance may still need a little work.
Nicholas and his 'ray gun.'  I love this shot.  He is so goofy.  Just like my boy!

Paul took this picture of me and I happen to like it.  The rest of my family was making fun of it.  I didn't care.  I like it.  I look happy and just a little short of totally crazy, which is my goal most days!

Gorgeous.  She is so beautiful and I could not believe how well the shot came out.  With a little editing, I almost want to cry.  I see all these pictures in my head of what she'll be as a grown woman and its killing me.  She is too beautiful.
This is another make-me-cry picture.  A lot of times Paul is kinda freaked out by Aunt Megan's belly.  But he was touching it and when I got this shot, I was thrilled.  Such a sweet moment between the 'three' of them.
My family.  Lord, it took a lot of work to get this shot, but I think it came out pretty good.  Not a bad looking bunch.  And another baby on the way!  He'll be here very soon (within the next 5 weeks!)


  1. Hello... Love the shots and yes, you do have a beautiful family!
    Nice blog!

  2. Oh that picture of you makes me SOOOO happy! I feel like it is saying...."Jenn, come hug me!!" :)