Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cantwell Cliffs: 5

Last Set!  I have taken FOREVER to get this done.  Seriously, it is not like I have much else to do right now.  I don't know why my bed-rest, broken footed, behind has not been more productive.  However, I will just be proud that I have finally finished this group of photos.  53 in all, so quite a work.  I used multiple techniques and really enjoyed re-living that amazing hike from the 'comfort' of my chair.  (Tonight my frustration at not being able to hike led me to flick myself repeatedly on the toe.  At least I have good sensation, even when I'm made at my foot for being broken!) 

Anyway, enjoy this last set.  Next we'll move on to a set of photos from a hike that was actually the very next day after Cantwell Cliffs to Sells Park: Rock House, in Athens.  Goodnight!


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