Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Home Made Christmas

This year due to time constraints, laziness, my love of crafts and lack of cash; I decided to do mostly home made gifts for Christmas.  I am pleased that most of them seemed to be well received.  I had grander plans than what was actually accomplished in the end, but then again I always do.   Timing was not a friend of mine and between not feeling well and frequent trips to the Medical Center, I just wasn't able to accomplish quite what I wanted.  Maybe next year.  I will try to start planning earlier.

I will say though, that what I did make, I am fairly happy with and I hope the recipients enjoyed.  In the coming weeks as I (hopefully) continue to feel somewhat well (I can eat, my pain level is much decreased and I am not peeing every 30 minutes!!!!) I will try to finish some gifts I had hoped to make.  Christmas just may end up being extended this year!

So, here they are.  Some pictures of my home made Christmas gifts.  Hope you like them!

Megan's Tye Dye Shirt.  It was supposed to look like a flower.  It didn't come out quite right.

Angela's Tye Dye.  Same concept as above.

Mom's shirt.  She wanted lots of spirals.

Dad's.  Scarlet and Grey for the Buckeye's.



Mom on Christmas Eve with the pillow I made her.  The front was 4 panels of embroidery.  Two Crosses, a butterfly and a pretty swirl design.  The back was a beautiful black fabric with frogs and flowers.

Kayla opening the Fairy house I made her.  I used a large rectangular plant box lined it with faux leaves, moss, flowers, etc.  Then glued in some pretty pins my Mom found (for bling), made a chair out of walnut shells and sticks, made a mini blanket and pillow (fairy sized) and decorated the exterior with more bling and flowers.  I hope she likes it!

Super Paul!  Paul wearing one of his capes.  This one is Spider Man on one side and bright green 'camo' on the other.  He loved it and walked around with it on for the longest time.  So cute!!!!

Kayla with her cape.  This side is Scottie dogs and the other is green flowers and frogs.  A princess, superwoman, or whatever she wants to be.  Beautiful to boot!

Wonder Nick!  He was trying to look like he was about to take off in flight!  Spider man on one side (to have one at least to match his brother) and sports on the other.

Paul's second cape.  Trains and dinos!  Love this one. 

Nick's second cape.  Black ops and a real camo on the other side.  I really enjoyed making these!
The capes and fairy house were my favorite projects.  I am also working on a purse I need to finish for my Mom and a tie for my Dad.  I will be posting a tutorial and instructions for the capes.  The kids really seemed to like them and I am THRILLED with that.  They got so many toys and I wanted to give them something different, hand made, and something to inspire imaginative play.  I think that is going to be my new moto.  Imaginative play for everyone!  Goodnight all!

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  1. What a great Christmas, and I for one LOVE the handmade gifts!!

    Merry Christmas my friend. I miss you tons and Henry can't wait to meet you!!