Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A walk...finally

Tonight after work I went on a walk.  It has been months, literally, since I went on a real walk.  I actually used my Endomondo on my Blackberry to track my time, mileage, laps, etc.  It was great.  I loved being out in the fresh air, taking photos as I went, getting some real exercise and just being in nature.  Of course for my first venture back into the world of exercise and walking I had to trek to West State Park to the Bike Path.  I went a little over 2 miles in 45 minutes.  Yes, I know, that is really slow.  But, in my defense: a. I was taking pictures the whole time, b. it was really cold, and c. I do still have that stress fracture to contend with and bursitis in my knee. 

All-in-all it was great to be back out and I hope to make this a regular habit again.  I won't say I was particularly 'cleared' to start back but, I think its time.  I've gained way to much weight and I must start back.  It was cold, but I'm from Ohio and must be made of sterner stuff.  38 degrees is not that bad and I hope to keep walking outside all winter as long as I'm able at least every other day.  My plan at this point is to go back and forth with the exercise bike and walking.  So, tomorrow I'll do the bike at the Community Center for 1/2 hour or 45 minutes; then back to the bike path (or maybe Strouds Run State Park) on Friday.  Yippee! 

Another benefit to increasing my walking outdoors should be my photos.  Here are some from tonight.  Hope you like!  Enjoy!

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