Friday, December 9, 2011

Work: Some Fun

So, along with being somewhat ill I have been working a lot.  Or what might seem like a lot.  Last Saturday was Lunch with Santa and this week we did a renovation to the Day Care Room.  The girls did all the painting; I just moved some furniture, put down the new carpet and did a little re-decorating. 

I took a few photos and I wanted to post some of them for you to see while I actually took some time to relax tonight!

Lunch with Santa

Pictures with Santa

Goodie Bags

Pretty Balloons

Eating good food

Giant Coloring Pages (I love these)

Christmas Crafts

Preschool in Room B-we had to move out of our room during the 'renovation'

Lots of fun things that we moved to accommodate our switch up.

Brushing VERY large teeth.

Old and New paint.  The light yellow is the color I chose and we painted the room about 4 years ago.  The bright yellow is the new color I just chose.  I LOVE IT!

Painting in progress.  My staff did SUCH a great job!!!!!  Thanks ladies!

The new, slightly improved Day Care Room.  I moved all our furniture back in and I think it looks so good!  It is bright and beautiful, like a room for kids should be!

My new rug for the kids.  I love the tree, the animals and the colors!  I am so happy with this rug!
A final shot of the new Room.  I think the kids really like it too!  I know the staff think it is a bit bright, but I like it and as long as the kids do too, that's all that really matters!

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