Sunday, September 23, 2012

Logan and Megan

Today was a wonderful day.  Logan AND Megan were baptized.  We knew about Logan, my nephew being baptized; but my sister-in-law Megan being baptized was a surprise.  A really wonderful surprise. 

Anyway, I have a few photos to commemorate the event.  It was really beautiful and I feel so blessed that my oldest and youngest nephews were both baptized recently.  Life is good.  Even when it is rough, there are blessings untold.  Hope you enjoy the photos.

This and the next 5 pictures were taken with my sister-in-law Megan's camera.  It is a DSLR and is a little fancier than mine.  Thus, the pictures I was able to take are slightly better.

And this adorable picture is courtesy of my Mom.  She snapped it quick while we were waiting to get pictures after church.  So cute!


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