Monday, May 21, 2012

Dawes Arboretum: Set 2

Today was very much a Monday.  I over slept and didn't wake up until 8:15 am.  That is when I'm supposed to leave for work.  So, no shower, just up, dress and run out the door.  Thank goodness there were no state troopers on the road. I was only about 8 minutes late. 

Then about half way to the office I realized I didn't have my wallet.  No big deal really.  Except, I hadn't eaten and now I had no way to get anything for lunch.  Hmmm.... So, on my lunch break I drove home to get my wallet.  I found it, then headed back to town hoping to have just enough time to get something quick before I needed to be back.  I opened up said wallet part way back into town only to see, no debit card.  WHAT?!!!  Now, the entire purpose of my trip was shot.  But, I did have my id and check book, so off to the grocery store (really quick) to get some food BY WRITING A CHECK.  I haven't done that in ages. 

Then there was work.  Crazy sauce.  So busy I can hardly recount.  And at the end of the day as I'm getting ready to wrap things up, one of my staff calls to ask if I can swing by her room before I leave.  She needs to talk to me about a couple of the kids.  Okay, fine.  I want to just leave, but I SUPPOSE that's my job.  ;)  So, when I get there she tells me these two boys (7 year olds) spent part of their afternoon sitting by the door watching parents coming in the door so they could look at their butts and critic them (until they were found out); then they started asking her inappropriate questions.  Do you have a boyfriend?  Do you kiss?  Do you shower together? and so on.  What the heck?!  So, I get to have a delightful conversation with these two boys about how these are not nice things to ask and how 'would it embarrass you to have those things done to you and have those questions asked?'; then we don't do that to other people.  Some things are private.  Ugh, some days kids are just so much fun.

Anyway, needless to say, today was a major Monday.  The rest of my day at work was NON-STOP chaos and I am exhausted.  I plan to finish editing my next set of photos from Dawes and then get to bed.  Hopefully tomorrow will be better!

Enjoy the pictures and here's hoping your week started out better!


  1. #9 photo is the bush my Grandma had, which you take the bloom and hold it in your hand and the warmth releases a wonderful scent.

  2. Oh my gosh....that IS a monday!!

    I would not want to have that conversation! Hope it went OK :/

    And forgetting your wallet....ugh, I would have been so mad!

    Today was a monday for me. Power went out and woke up 10 minutes before I had to leave for work and so no shower, no contacts, rush to work! And then once at work we had computer issues so the first 2 hours was fixing that. And well now, I just am ready to go home!