Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another day, another Pool

I am hoping by now Nick is asleep.  He should be exhausted and barely able to function at this point.  Somehow though right before bed he still had energy and wanted to play while we were reading books.  When do we lose that energy?  It must be during puberty, as most teenagers as usually tired and pre-teens usually have way to much energy!!

Today I took a half day off (partly to be with Nick and also to use up some comp time. I'm full up again and my boss isn't happy.)  So, we took off and went out into the park to eat lunch.  Then we had a real adventure.  Bicycle practice.  It was...good.  Not great, good.  No major falls, but a few almost falls.  Only a few moments actually riding but, I hope we learned a few things and all practice is good practice.  Then I decided, since I wanted a walk, we would walk on the bike path a bit.  So off we went.  Up from the Community Center 1/2 a mile, rest and back.  It was nice and we saw lots of flowers, trees, vines, birds, etc. 
Now, as my post title may lead you to believe we went to another pool.  I was going to just take him back to our pool in Athens but, decided instead to go to Nelsonville.  It is a bit more fun since it has a much larger shallow end, and several water features.  We had a great time and Nick got to try out his new goggles.  HE PUT HIS HEAD THE WHOLE WAY UNDER THE WATER!  It was really exciting.  We just need to work on keeping the mouth shut. 

Finally back home for dinner, time for Aunt April to work on the car, and of course, play a little wiffleball at the field across the street from my house.

I am exhausted.  I slept like a rock last night and I will again tonight.  In addition to the great sleep (which I never have) I am also substantially more tan, my weight is down a little, and I am dealing with my pain much better when I am busy, busy, busy.  It gets easier to push it away when you have someone else to look out for and other things to do.  (That's why I do so well at work too!)

Well, here's some photos.  Hope you enjoy them and sorry for all the rambling.  Good Night!

A lovely flower beside the picnic table where we had lunch.

Snowballs!!! I love snowballs.  Also beside the picnic table.

A caterpillar we saw while looking at some wild grape vine.  2 lessons rolled into one. 

Nick walking along the bike path.  When the wind blew and the grasses moved he said they were bowing to us.  Why thank you!

Nelsonville Pool

Going under the spray.  Goggles on.

Posing for a picture.

I love this picture.  The water, the angles, the light, and the way Nick is 'swimming' and putting his head underwater.  My new background for my laptop.

His head is all the way under.  That is so awesome.

Batter up!  We were working on form and focus.  Focus is the big one.

Wild Pitch!!!  Again we were working on form and aim.  And focus.  but, at almost 6, that's pretty much the biggest thing to work on for anything.  Focus, focus, focus.

Oh and one last note, I had to share this.  Yesterday I started a file on the desktop of my laptop titled "Nick's Week."  I wanted to keep all our special pictures separate so I'd have them to maybe do something special with.  Anyway, Nick saw that and now I have to open it and scroll through all the photos intermittently so he can see his week.  So cute.

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  1. Can I say that I love that you created a file called "Nick's Week". That is awesome!

    I would love little Henry to spend time with his Aunt April...he would totally have fun with you!!