Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday, oh wednesday

Today was field trip day at camp.  So much fun!!  We took the kids bowling and it is such an adventure to bowl with them.  Most of them have very little experience with 'real' bowling.  They do Wii a lot, which they are proud of, but not bowling in an alley, with an actual bowling ball and pins.  Interesting.

Anyway, so fun on our trip, then back to camp for lunch, swimming and activities in the afternoon.  Specifically some of my children opted to do art.  And in art today, we made Goo.  Goo is so cool.  Below you will find a couple wicked, disgusting, odd pictures of goo.  We love goo.

So, then home for me and a nice walk tonight around the lovely Village of Albany.  That's the rest of my pics.  Enjoy!

A lovely flowering tree I came across whilst out on my walk.  Just thought it was pretty.

Yeah, that's right, more clouds.  I loved the look of the jet stream set across the clouds.  The sky was just this lovely color of blue and the clouds and jet stream were so bright...beautiful!
Flowers in a ditch.  Pretty.
Purple goo.  Sticky, messy, fun, fun, fun!

Ok, so I totally told Ethan his goo looked like intestines.  Then it turned into a very interesting science/anatomy lesson as he and most of the other children didn't know what intestines were.  And since Miss April is an expert on intestines, (though I really wish I wasn't), they learned something new and interesting in art today.  Who knew, goo.

And this is, what I have decided to term, the ultimate Time Out Chair.  It is in a stinky, nasty, blackened corner of a loading dock behind the old school across the street from my house.  There is, of course, a coffee can filled with cigarets nearby, so I know what it is actually used for, but still, it spoke to me.  I'm thinking about printing a copy of this picture, putting it on the wall of my office and telling my 'troubled' children this is the new time out chair behind our building.  Fear is an effective behavior management technique.  Wrong, but effective.  It's just a thought.  :)

Oh, and the Trivia question of the day: What state is the Grand Canyon located in?

Answer to yesterday's question: Water or a nose. (hahahahahahahahaha, this is really a riddle, but I thought it was amusing.) 


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