Sunday, June 19, 2011

A few days at a time.

So, I've decided I need to do something to stay in touch with the world now that I've ditched Facebook.  (Sorry, it had to be done, way to much drama for me.  I can't handle that stuff.)

Here are a few starter photos from this weekend, Father's Day weekend, when our family was able to spend some time together.  I don't mind the drive at all when there is this at the end!  (And I love anytime away from Athens, work and in the woods!)

Phil & Kayla with on of his big catches!  I'm so proud of my baby brother!

I honestly can't remember if I took this or if Kay did. She confiscated my camera and went a little nuts.  But, I love this photo of my sister-in-law.  Megan looks lovely in that shirt and the light is so pretty.  (So, I must add, is she! :) )

Kayla helping Grandpa toss his fish back.  This became Kayla's official duty.  And, in only Kayla's way, she had to learn how to hold the fish by the mouth, just like Grandpa and Daddy.  She is so brave and adventurous for a 6 year old!  I love that kid!

After having an absolute hissy fit because she was muddy and had to clean up, here Kayla is after having just finished writing in the dirt.  Oh Kayla, you make my head spin!

The most beautiful dog in the world. I have never been a big fan of animals of any sort and have generally been afraid of all dogs.  That was until Duke.  He has changed my mind, (at least for his part), and I love him.  I think he kinda likes me.  I am glad though he lives with my parents and I only have to partially help with him.  I'm not ready for that kind of commitment!

Mom and Dad's new camper at Findlay, so awesome!

The slug on Mom's chair case.  We found him right before we found the slug on the case as well.

Two of the sweetest boys in the known Universe!  Love those kids!!!

I'm not sure if these are children or aliens.  Oh wait, those are my nephews Nick and Paul!
Well here is my attempt to share in a way that will allow you insight into the inner workings of my life, without me having to do too much work and/or reveal too much.  (I'm a very private person and generally I don't like to share!)

I hope you like what I've shared and will enjoy it in the spirit in which it was intended!  Some days things may be exciting and beautiful (like today), other days it may be mundane and common.  Who knows and who cares.  I'm just trying to take a few more pictures along my journey and thought I'd share them with some people I love and a few people I might like and maybe even some people I don't know!!  Enjoy!

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  1. I didn't even notice you got rid of facebook, I am hardly on there anymore. There is a lot of drama on there.

    I can't believe how big the kids are!! I mean seriously....Kayla is a young lady!

    That fish is, big ;-) HAHA! But it looks like people were having fun which is always the best.

    Can't wait to see more pictures!