Thursday, June 30, 2011

This is Wednesday's Post: Field Trip (and a picnic)

So this post was meant to be put up yesterday but Blogger wasn't working, so here it is now.

Today I had to work most of the day.  But, it was field trip day!  While for me field trip day can be filled with lots of stress (like busses arriving late, again; no check to take to pay for the theater rental; parents who don't understand how to tell time; etc.), this was a fun field trip all in all.  We went to see Cars 2.  Awesome movie.  The kids loved it and we all had a wonderful time.  (Popcorn and fruit snacks were enjoyed by most.)  Then, back to the rec. center for a regular afternoon.  I had to run to the store to get a few supplies (only one cart load today, easy day.)  Those kids love to eat and we are going through a lot of milk! 

Meanwhile the kids (including Nick) were at the pool and then got some play time after snack.  I was running around like a crazy person (unloading groceries, prepping activities, dealing with trouble makers and injuries, and so on & so forth.)  But the end of the day came and Nick and I headed home.

We stopped at the store and after a major debate, we decided we'd have pizza for dinner.  As a picnic!  (And breadsticks,  we have to have breadsticks.)  We enjoyed our picnic; talked to Grandma on the phone; took a walk to the park in Albany for some playground time; talked to Mommy, Daddy and little brother on the phone; then a little wiffleball practice and off to get ready for bed.  Another busy, fun-filled day. I'm not quite as exhausted today; hopefully tomorrow will be the same.  Putt putt is in the works for tomorrow afternoon.  :)  Now, time for a few photos.


  1. These are great posts about your week with Nick! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Glad you like them. I need to get caught up with Thursdays post and one for today. I realized you didn't get the photos so I'll make you a CD with the pictures from this week. See you soon! (And be sure to tell Nick I LOVED having him here and am gonna miss him so much! I hope he had fun.)