Monday, July 4, 2011

Too long gone....

So, I'm a failure.  I've been off my blog for several days. This is what happens when my routine is interrupted, even slightly.  Because blogger was done one night, I am off by many.  My bad.

Now, I will recap slightly, in case anyone cares, what I have been up to.  Friday was my last day with Nicholas.  It had been such a fun week together and I think it was a good time.  Hopefully he enjoyed spending time with Aunt April and we'll do it again next year.  On Friday, I had to work but managed to get out in only slightly over a half day.  Awesome.  We came home, played a bit in the yard, painted mugs, did a puzzle and then my older brother, sister in law Angela and Paul arrived to pick up Nicholas.  It was great to see them and wonderful to see how excited Nick was to see his family.  (Mainly Paul.)  But, I was more than a bit sad to see our time come to an end.  After dinner out, they were on their way home and I was a single, free woman again.  Good, but a bit sad all the same. 

Saturday started with a major blood draw (thanks Dr. Coats), then home to pack and prep for the Holiday weekend.  I started out for the trip home around 2 and after a brief layover in Columbus for Birthday shopping, I arrived at my parents house around 6.  I haven't been 'home' since Easter so it was nice to be at the house. 

Sunday was, blessedly, a day to sleep in, relax away the morning and then time for Nick's 6th birthday party!!  This year we had a simple party, only a few family and friends, but it was great to spend time together and see the kids play.  (And I love being able to hog some Paul time.  It's hard as the older two can do more and I was living in Smithville for a while when they were Paul's age, I really try to monopolize his time and affection any time I'm with him.  Sorry to everyone else, but I'm greedy for my baby.  Who isn't really a baby anymore.)  After Nick's party we set off to Orrville to watch the fireworks with Phillip, Megan and Kayla.  The show was great as usual and we enjoyed some additional time together.  (I can't wait for Kayla to join me in a couple weeks for her week with Aunt April!!!!)

Today was more laziness sleeping in, then home to Albany.  A little car trouble tried to waylay me, but Dad and I got the problem fixed and I was home by late afternoon.  I've been pretty lazy most of the rest of the day, only stopping my sloth to do a little bit of laundry, unpacking and planning for an upcoming party I'll be attending.  All-in-all its been a busy, fun, full of love and family time weekend.  I have a crazy busy and hectic week ahead, followed by a busy weekend, and an interesting week next week.  The month of July should prove to be, as usual, one of the most insane months of my year.  But, in typical fashion, it should pass pretty quickly and August will be here before you know it!!!  I love August.  The ending of another year of camp, the start of a new school year with the kids and MY BIRTHDAY.  I'll be 30 again this year.  Exciting!!

Well, here's some pictures from the past few days.  Enjoy and please forgive my rambling.  That's what happens when I don't post regularly.  Have a great week!!!

Thursday evening Nick and I went Putt Putt golfing.  We had a great time!!

Friday, after work/camp, we came home and spent the last few hours of our time together.  One of the things we did was painting mugs.  Nick is a true artist and did a wonderful job.  Aunt April, not so much...

Andy, Angela and Paul arrived Friday afternoon to collect Nick.  We went out to dinner before they left and this is Paul, the angel.  Hahahahahahahahaha!  Love that baby but he is no angel.  Looks are very deceptive.  He's our rotten boy and we love him!!

After being inspired by a friend's blog, I painted my nail.  Bogota Blackberry from O.P.I.  Awesome shade and I am appreciative for the inspiration from my great friend Jenn! (This photo is mainly for Jenn, sorry.)

Kayla Sue about to get into the bounce house at Nick's B-day party.  I had a better picture of her, but somehow my stupid computer ate it.  Seriously, I can't find 4 of my pictures and I know I downloaded them with the rest of my photos.  Am seriously irked with my computer right now.

Stick 'em up!  This is a much more accurate photo of Paul.  But he's so stinkin' cute!!!

Nicholas opening one of the presents from me.  "The Pigeon find a hot dog."  This is a book he loved reading at my house, so I got him a copy of his own.  He loved it!!!

Another one of our boys with a gun!  Nick loved his present from Aunt Megan, Uncle Phillip and Kayla.  He put it to good use almost immediately.

Orrville fireworks.  Always the best in Wayne County!

Kayla the crazy person.  Keep in mind this photo was taken at 11 pm (or after) and she is wearing her father's sweatshirt.  She is our special girl! 

A bloom on my hydrangea bush.  So pretty!

Car trouble, but at least it was easily fixed.  Thanks Dad!!!


  1. Looks like SUCH a wonderful time was had by all! What fun!

    LOVE LOVE the nail color and glad to be an inspiration :) I might do a purple this weekend to go with my dress, or maybe something like the color of those hydrangea' pretty!

    (Isn't the birthday shopping a little early ;-) Or are you just ready to turn 31 already?!?!)

  2. a light purple/pink would be great with your dress!! I am so excited to see you. I have orders from my Mother to take lots of pictures (especially of your profile!)
    The Birthday shopping was for Nicholas. I was a bit behind and had to get him his present before I got home. And yes, I am so excited to turn 30!!! (Last year was a terrible birthday and I refuse to count it.) Sorry friend, looks like you're a year older than me now! :)

  3. HAHAHA! Well with all the craziness this year I forgot I turned we can both be in our 30's another year ;-)

    I am learning to accept the fact that people are going to want to take pictures of me this weekend. I normally HATE getting my picture taken, but I don't see any way around it!!