Sunday, July 24, 2011

A new blog, a new adventure

I've started another blog.  On my way home this afternoon I was thinking.  Thinking about my health, God and just everything that has been going on lately.  I know I need to focus.  I need to concentrate more on what is important to me and how to improve myself.  So, I've started a 2nd blog.  I call it M.A.D.E.  It stands for Music, Art, Devotions, Exercise.  Those are four things in my life that I want to work on to help improve my relationship with God and the rest of the world. 

I love music and always have something playing.  Most of my music is rather tame, but there is some that pushes the limit.  Art is also something that is a big part of my life lately.  Sewing, photography, poetry, etc. are all ways I can help reach out to others and explore the gifts I've been given.  I am determined to read more in the bible and contemplate how this affects my life.  So, I'll start doing daily devotions.  Finally exercise is something I desperately need to work on and so its a part of the package.

So, for the next 90 days I've set some goals to work on to help improve my spiritual, mental and physical health.  If you're interested check out my other blog here

In other news, tonight I went for my 2nd ever Jog.  It was okay.  I ran/walked 1.8 miles in 30 minutes.  Not bad for my second time.  I did intervals of 2 minutes jogging, 2 minutes walking.  I have an app. on my blackberry called Endomondo that is helping me reach my goals.  I have less than 2 months to prepare for my first 5K so, I plan to really kick the training into high gear this week. Pray for me.

My photos for tonight are from West State Park (my usual work out zone).  I was enthralled with the trees (big surprise) and that is my main subject for the evening. 


The 'old' shelter at West State Park.  I really like this shelter and have used it for Preschool day in the park and have been to our Church's outdoor worship service here.  On August 7th, we'll have another outdoor worship service in this spot.  It really is lovely and is well maintained.

So this is how I feel sometimes.  There's a path, but you can't tell where it goes, except that you're probably going to fall.  That is what my life feels like most of the time.

The Hocking River.  Its a bit full right now.  The past several summers it has been just a tiny trickle.  This year its running good.  Old Man's Cave and waterfall should be really pretty right now.

The Canoe Portage.  I'm thinking a canoe trip might be fun.  Its good exercise and a lovely way to spend time in nature.  I'll have to consider that.

This is where I stop and stretch after my 'run'.  During this time I almost really hurt myself.  Something pulled in my hip when I was stretching and it took me 15 minutes of walking to get it to a 'bearable' pain.  I'll have to be careful with that.

I saw this pine and had to take a picture.  Tomorrow is July 25-Christmas in July!  Only 5 months until Christmas, better start planning now!


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