Friday, July 22, 2011

Relaxing, driving, relaxing

This summer weather stinks.  It has been so horridly hot and living in a house with no central air conditioning.  But, for the most part I'm climatized and used to living with the heat.  This heat wave though, is too much even for me.  I am happy now, at my parent's house in Smithville and loving the AC. 

Kayla and I drove up this afternoon.  Today was our official last full day together.  I am sad.  She is thrilled (as she should be) to see her parents tomorrow.  I am thinking about returning to my house on Sunday and how quiet it will be.  No kids, just me.  There are positive aspects, less work to do, but so much quieter and less lively.   I'll miss my baby girl.  She is growing up so fast and I can't believe how big and mature she is. 

Anyway, last night we spent the evening at home, had a nice casual dinner (in my room-the only one with ac), Kayla had her bath, then we watched a little Fraggle Rock on netflix.  Then off to bed.  I was terribly lazy and did no work after she was in bed.  Just surfed the internet and wrote a few emails.  I was in bed by 10:30 and loving it.

This morning we got up, I had tons of chores to do, we packed out bags, and off we went.  The heat was brutal and with no real working AC in the car, we couldn't get here fast enough.  We ate lunch in the car, stopped only once and got here in good time.  Kayla was thrilled to see Grandma, so we stopped in at her work and brought her home.  We've enjoyed a nice evening together and I got my gifts for Paul for his birthday.  Our baby boy is turning TWO tomorrow.  A baby no longer.  I am so sad about that.  Can't wait to see him tomorrow at his party and spend some time together.  I'm so excited to see him open his toys and I hope he likes them. 

So, not many pictures tonight as I have just sucked about taking pictures lately.  I will have some tomorrow, as the boy's birthday should prove to have some photographic moments.  Well, here they are.  Sorry in advance they're all from my blackberry. 

Talking on the phone to grandma.  You'd think she was a teenager already the way she loves to talk on the phone.

A nice simple pony tail.  Hair decisions are a big part of our daily routine.

Asleep in the heat with bows in her hair.  Excuse me while I cry...

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  1. Aw! I cannot believe how much she has grown up! When did that happen?!

    I am glad you got to spend some time just the two of fun! And it sounds like you have a rather fun and exciting day today! Take lots of pictures :)