Sunday, July 17, 2011

The start of a new week

Today was a busy, emotional, fun day.  Phillip & Megan departed shortly after breakfast, leaving Kayla and I to our own devices and plans for the day.  I won't say things always went well, but we are doing good and I think she had a lot of fun, despite her dramatic moments.

I won't write much tonight but will caption each photo and that will be plenty.

Goodnight all and have a lovely Monday!  (If that is possible.)

Miss Kayla.  Always ready with a pose.

Under the spray at the Nelsonville Pool.  She loved going under and out, under and out, etc.

This would be a perfect picture if her eyes were open.  The colors are so bright and her smile is so sweet.  Part of the picture I cropped out was her new 'friend' sitting beside us.  Within minutes of being in the pool Kayla had made a friend and left me in the dust.  It was cool though, I loved watching them play.

Another picture, another pose.  Love the water falling behind her.  Just wish she had been a few feet back and it would have been falling on her.  :)

Kayla's new friend and I showed her how to do handstands and she immediately mastered it.  She is so good in the water.

A chalk drawing.  (Right to left) Kayla, Aunt April and a heart.  So sweet!

The artist at work.

Our chalk drawings soon took on a theme.  This is Kayla and I at the ocean swimming.  Notice the clouds and sun above us and the waves in the ocean and sand below us on the ocean floor.  Oh, the details.

Another picture of Kayla and I swimming.  This time just lovely blue water and a 'coconut' tree.

My drawings.  A tent with a campfire and Kayla.  (I was inside sleeping, according to sources.)  The second half of the drawing is Kayla fishing in a pond with lily pads and lots of fish.  (Again, according to sources I was sleeping in the tent for that drawing.)

Bubble blowing time!

An Ariel puzzle and Kayla so proud of her accomplishment.  

Play Ball!  She actually hits pretty well.  Now, to work on throwing...

Beware the dangerous throws.  Though she looks innocent, she has a wild arm!

More bubble blowing.  I love the look on her face and how excited she was to make huge bubble creations!

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