Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Not a bad day. That's good.

So, today I had my 5th EGD.  (For those of you not familiar with gastrointestinal medicine, an EGD is a scope that is placed down your esophagus to see your esophagus and stomach.)  And I found out this will not be my last.  Not by a long shot.  I'm a bit depressed about that but, I have a great doctor (Dr. Melvin at OSU is the best!) and I know he's doing what is best and keeping me capable of eating.  (Yeah, I suppose that's a good thing.)  Because of my condition I will now be getting an EGD with a balloon inserted to expand my esophagus every 6-8 (maybe/hopefully a bit longer between) weeks.  I'm shocked with that but, as one of the residents explained, the EGDs are easier than a major surgery. But, that may in the future be a reality to fix the problem on a permanent basis.

Anyway, I'm back at my parent's house now relaxing and recuperating. I'm feeling okay, not too much pain and hope to be on my way home tomorrow.  This procedure so far seems to have caused less irritation than the lat one. Since I am not 'supposed' to drive or make an major decisions for the rest of the day (stupid anesthesia) my photos for the day will be ones taken around my parent's home.  Particularly, the garden that my father has created in the front yard.


Home.  No matter where I go, how old I am; this will always be home.

My parent's spectacular garden.  My Dad has done an incredible job creating this garden.  Its amazing to think that this garden sits on the former site of our house. 

Bella's Angel.  Miss you baby.

Taylor's Angel.  Miss you baby.

A lily.  I had a different shot that is a more head-on, clear version; but I really liked this one.

Grapes growing on the vine over the arch at the entry to the garden.

Trumpet Vine and a wasp.

Some of my Dad's awesome handiwork.  He can paint and craft a lot of cool stuff.  (And weld).

A large dog.  Yup, that's Duke.  My favorite puppy.

Green beans growing in the garden.  (Alongside some lettuce I'll be taking home with me.)

Beautiful lily.

Dad's gazing ball.  Can you see me?

A natural flower arrangement.

Antique gardening equipment.  And beautiful hostas.

The garden entrance.

My absolute favorite picture.  My hydrangea looks awesome and you can actually see small threads of spider webs in the shot.  So cool.

More pretty flowers.  This is the hanging basket on the back deck.  Not actually in the garden.

I think small people must work here.

Some of my grandpa's whirly gigs.  Can't believe he's been gone for over 15 years.  I miss him like it was yesterday.

Wow!!  That is a lot of photos.  Hope you liked them.  Leave a comment if you'd like to, I'd love to hear from my readers!


  1. Love your photos! I am a friend of Wrestling Kitties and that diaper bag and camera pouch you made for her are amazing!!

  2. Thanks so much Iris. Glad you stopped by. I had such a great time making the diaper bag I can't wait to make another one. The fabric was just the cutest ever and so Jenn!