Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Driving, driving, driving

Lately it seems like I do a lot of driving. If I'm not on my way to the homestead (a three hour trip), I'm on my way to Columbus to the Hospital/Doctor (an hour and a half trip.)  Typically, I love to drive.  However, three main factors have begun to lessen my love of driving. 

First, my car isn't in the shape it used to be in.  Now when I've driven long distances I have to do some maintenance on my car after the trips to ensure it keeps running.  Its not hard work but, just not something I enjoy doing.

Secondly, my body is not in the shape it used to be in.  I can not handle long spans of time sitting in one spot.  I find I am no longer able to just drive for the three straight hours home, but must stop at least once to use the necessary room and just to move.

Finally, its so RIDICULOUSLY expensive to travel these days.  Most of my trips are subsidized by my loving parents (thank goodness) or I'd really be stuck.  Trips to the Dr., food, or meds?  Tough choices.

Anyway, my photos today include photos I took while driving (don't worry, I was careful).  They aren't great pictures by any stretch of the imagination, just quick snapshots. The others are just some quick pictures I took throughout the day.  I really want to get back on the wagon posting everyday, so sorry if they may be boring pictures, I really want to get into the habit though. (Oh and just FYI, in the 5 minutes I was walking around my house to snap a few photos, I got 5 mosquito bites.  I wish I knew why my blood was so sweet to

Well, that's all for today, here's my pictures and I'm off to take some meds, unpack and go to bed.  I spoke to soon yesterday about having pain after my procedure.  Today has definitely made up for any lack of pain I had yesterday.  Ugh!! :(

Nicholas & Kayla ready to swim at Andy & Angela's house.  When did they get so grown up?

My newest camera/blackberry case.  I made it last night when the pain started.  I have found sewing is a great distraction, so I may be doing a lot more sewing in the coming months. Love this fabric (thanks Mom!)

On 30 just outside of Mansfield.  Sometimes Ohio is so pretty.

The Columbus skyline off of Route 71 south.  Have I mentioned how much I love Columbus?

A flower blooming on a bush at the back of my house. I love the variance of colors.

A gall on the tree in my front yard.  Cool.

A little informal sidewalk art for the people I love most.  Hi babies!!!


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