Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday in the Park...take 2

So, sorry I wanted to post again after I had loaded my pictures from this afternoon.

After Phillip, Megan and Kayla arrived this afternoon we went putt putt golfing.  So much fun.  We laughed, teased each other mercilessly and played a little golf.  Fun for all.  Then off to the Playground at the Community Center for a little time for Kayla to play (which wasn't that fun because there were NO other kids there.  Boring.)   A nice dinner (well minus the crappy service) and then home for a nice visit.  Its so good to have company.  I don't do social very often but, it is fun to have family to spend some time with!

So now Kayla is asleep on the floor next to me.  And I have a whole week of fun and a little drama to look forward to.  This really is a lot of fun and I hope this becomes a tradition.  Each child, one week with Aunt April a summer.  I'll be really happy to always have this time.

Well, here's some photos from our golf adventure and a few from the park.  I have already started Kayla's picture folder on the desktop of my laptop, named, of course, Kayla's week.

You just KNOW she's got something sassy to say.

The Phillip Bumgardner Family.  Phillip, Kayla and Megan (Left to right.)

Phillip, who stinks and beat us all. 

Megan, who is really good at this and is the only one of us to make a 'real' hole in one.

Kayla Sue putting up.  She tried really hard and did a pretty good job.  It wasn't until about the 13th or 14th hole that she was getting a little tired.

Kayla with the frog.  This photo is especially for Grandma.  (My mom, because she loves frogs.)

At the park.  She is so stinking big and tall.  Oh what a big girl!

There is a dramatic story behind this photo.  If you know Kayla ask her, its to much for me to relive!


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