Tuesday, July 19, 2011

We will now pause for a rain delay...

This morning and this evening it stormed.  Normally when this happens I adjust our day at camp and we do other things.  This is precisely what I did at work today and had to do at home tonight.  Kayla and I had plans.  We had discussed what the course of our evening would be like.  Home, make dinner (Kayla finisher her movie on Netflix), eat dinner, phone calls, playground time, bath, and bed.  It sounded like the perfect end to a busy day. 

It was not to happen.  It started thundering right as we arrived home and would continue to do so almost all evening.  Then the rain came, the wind picked up, lightening, etc.  So, I had to adjust and re plan the evening.  Instead of playground, we painted.  This is one of Kayla's favorite things, art, so it worked out fine.  Her favorite part of camp the last two days has been art.  (And today they had extra art time!)  She loves crafting and is totally awesome at it.

After painting, it was into the bath (as soon as the thunder stopped), do up her hair, read a few stories (just one more, please?), and time to sleep.  She was out in five minutes.  Now, I'm recuperating and regrouping and repacking from another busy day and prepping for another one ahead.  Its a lot of work, but so much fun, I wouldn't trade it for the world.

Last night, after I had finished my blog, did the dishes and was getting ready to pack our bags for the day, I was cleaning up the living room.  I came across this scene and it stopped me.  I realized how totally lucky I am to have this small scene present in my living room.  I've decided to call this 'evidence of grace.'  No matter how hurt, unhappy or lonely I may feel, this is a part of my life.  I have three beautiful children that are a part of my life, permanently and I am blessed.  Crayons, dirty socks, tennis shoes and a cup full of chocolate milk on my living room floor.  Thanks God.  I don't deserve it but, you give it anyways. 

The necklace/bracelet Kayla made during 'special' art time at Camp today.

Painting after dinner.  Look at the concentration and effort put into the piece.

Kayla's picture frame.  I love her pattern and her meticulous detailing.  Lovely!

A perfect picture for inside the frame.

Pigtail braids.  I think she liked them.

Such a little model.  She is always ready to have her picture taken.

Aunt April's Picture frame.  I had to finish it after Kayla went to bed.  I hope she likes it when she sees it in the morning.

The sky as the storms rolled in.

The sky tonight after Kayla was in bed.  It was just pink outside tonight. There was an ethereal glow to everything outside.  It felt calm and lovely!

More pink clouds.

Sky fire!

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  1. That first picture "evidence of grace" made me smile. So sweet. It really is the little things like that, that make you stop and realize what is important. Love it.

    And that is some great art work by the both of you!