Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood...

Today was a BIG day.  As every Wednesday is, today was field trip day for Summer Camp.  We loaded the kids up, including Kayla, and spent a fun hour and a half at the bowling alley.  The kids all seemed to have a great time and frankly this is one of the easier field trips for me.  I have to take some stuff and there is always a bit of fuss and last minute scrambling, but generally its pretty simple.

So, after field trip time in the morning we returned to camp, the children ate lunch, changed and went swimming.  Then they returned to snack and 'activity period.'  Kayla once again chose to do 'special art' during activity period and made a rubbing picture, a sand art picture, and did a little painting.  She really loves art.

Thus we came to the end of our day at camp.  I got to spend a little time with her today at camp, but honestly most of the time she is doing her own thing and having a good time with the other kids. This is a good thing!

As we prepared to leave for the day I began to think about what we were going to do tonight.  It was hot, way too hot to be outside.  So, we needed another indoor activity.  I decided we'd eat a quick dinner (out) and go see a movie.  Winnie the Pooh is playing and I LOVE POOH BEAR!  So, I asked Kayla what she thought and she concurred that it was a great idea.  We rushed home, changed, checked out movie times and left.  We ate dinner at Pizza Hut (Buffet for quick service) and then made it to the Movie Theater by 6 for the 6:10 show.  The movie was great.  It was only a little over an hour long and a really sweet movie.  It wasn't full of big plot twists, complicated dialog or anything cheesy.  It was just a nice story that Kayla seemed to enjoy.  I liked it too. 

Probably the best thing about the movie was the length.  It was long enough to tell a story, but short enough for a nice evening (and to stave off boredom in young children.)  We arrived home, had bath time, hair time, stories (including one Winnie the Pooh story) and Kayla was off to bed.  Now, I'm completing my nightly routine and will be off to bed soon.  All-in-all a great day and not too stressful.  I can't believe tomorrow is Thursday and is Kayla's last day at camp.  I'm going to miss seeing her face with the rest of my kids and I know some of her new friends will miss her.  Okay, must stop, as I am trying not to get too emotional and cry.

Enjoy the photos!

Kayla Sue, bowler.  She really was pretty decent at bowling.  I'm proud.

Kayla (and some of the other kids) during special art time at camp.  She is doing sand art in this photo.

At Pizza Hut.  We enjoyed a nice dinner and had time to talk about our day.

After the movie.  I Love Winnie the Pooh!

In the front yard.  Just liked the backdrop and the subject is nice too!

Kayla and I were both enchanted by this sky.  She thought it looked like a rainbow.  I just thought it was pretty.  Thanks God!


  1. Lovely photography and cool pictures.
    Kids Educational Resources

  2. FUN! That actually sounds like a perfect day to me :) I really want to see that movie, it will be a must have for Henry at Christmas!

    Seriously, what a great day with Kayla. You are such a wonderful Aunt :) You can tell she had a fun day!