Monday, June 27, 2011

Busy, busy day!!

Whoa!  What a busy day.  What a fun day.  Lord, I'm tired..., but here I am pushing through because, since I am April Bumgardner, I'm stubborn and I must get a blog out tonight before bed. 

A few quick words about our day: I did some work while Nick was at camp this morning.  I am really hoping he likes it.  I know the first day can be rough, and I tried so hard not to be obsessive and watch him constantly, but I'm me, what more can I say.  After I finished work, I got Nick at the pool and we stayed on an extra hour after all the other kids had to go back to the rec. center.  We enjoyed some time in the water, and some snacks.  Yum!!!  Then home to play outside some more.  Chalk drawing, bubbles, frisbee, wiffleball and just playing around.  Dinner, off to the store and home to get ready for bed (at least for Nick.) Now it's quiet here.  The boy is SOUND asleep and I'm trying to finish out the day.  Bags packed, lunches prepped, laundry done, dishes soaking, and a few more things to do before I pass out!!!  More fun to come tomorrow, as I am taking a half day off and we are going to go on the bike path (Nick on bike, me walking), drop by the pool, play wiffleball again, go to the playground, do some much planned.  We'll see how much we are actually able to accomplish.  But, for now I will sign off with a few (12) photos of our adventures today.  Good night, sleep tight all, I know I will!

In the pool.  He was really having a blast in the water.  So much so, we HAD to go get goggles tonight for him to use the rest of the week.  Thank goodness they're cheap at Wal-Mart.  I hate to buy something expensive I know he's going to lose.

The dive balls.  Though technically I was the only one who dove for them.  I taught Nick how to pick them up with his toes so he didn't have to put his head underwater!

He is so independent and adventurous at times.  He threw the dive balls clear out in the middle of the pool and I said, okay now you go get them.  And he did!  (Granted it only about 3.5 feet deep but still, that's a long ways away from the edge.)

Snack time at the pool.  Nick had about half of this giant popsicle and half of my soft pretzel. He's a growing boy!

Photo by Nicholas Bumgardner.  The slide and climbing wall.  (He can't go on these as they are in the 12 foot, but he really, really wants to.)

Bubbles!!  This is one of my attempts to be creative and artistic. 

I blow the bubbles, you chase and pop them.  with your face.  okay, whatever.

Bubble mania!!

Another attempt to be creative.  Nick liked it.

Nick's chalk drawings on the sidewalk leading up to my house.  A tree, his arm, his name, a person and the night sky.  Very nice.

A little of Aunt April's chalk drawings.  A tulip, a kite (yeah, its upside down), the ocean with a ship, mermaid, and an island.

My final creative pose.  Shot up through the grass of my awesome nephew.  What a cute kid!!!!


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