Monday, January 30, 2012

Franklin Park Botanical Garden: Set 7

Some of you know this, others do not.  Orchids are my FAVORITE flower.  Of all time.  I love hydrangeas.  Love them.  But orchids have been my favorite for many years.  I love orchids.  They are just a bit expensive, difficult to care for and well exotic.  So, I usually just enjoy them from afar.  I will say though that some day, if I ever get married, orchids will play a role in my wedding.  Big time.  I LOVE/ADORE/WORSHIP/LOVE orchids. 

So, when I saw that the special display at the Botanical Garden was the orchid garden, I was thrilled.  Beyond thrilled.  I saved it for last the day of my trip and I've saved these last several posts of all orchids for last because they are the most special to me.  I really, sincerely hope you like these photos.  I love them.  Enjoy the first 13!  (I am being very exclusive with these.  I have a lot of orchid pictures, but very few will actually make it to the blog.)

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  1. The orange orchids are AMAZING. Seriously, how beautiful are those!