Sunday, January 8, 2012

Strouds Run - Winter Hike #3: Set 1

Today I went for a whopping 4 mile hike.  (Well, 3.97 miles to be exact...)  It was great.  I felt pretty good.  The knee began to really hurt at the end and my headache was coming back with a vengeance by the time I finished but really, I felt so strong being out there.  I loved it!  The weather was idea-55 degrees, sunny with a few clouds-ultimately perfect!  Seriously if January could continue like this it would be great.  Small bouts of pretty layers of snow, then days at a time of nice moderate temps.  Please......

While I was walking I was thinking about a lot of things and praying.  That's what I like to do when I'm hiking.  Think, pray and of course, stop to take pictures.  I prayed and thanked God for this beautiful gift and for a lot of other things; and thought about how much I want to keep this up.  However, if I want to keep this hiking thing up and continue increasing my mileage, intensity, time, etc. I'm going to need some additional supplies and equipment.  So, here is my wish list for what I would like to have to make this more of a permanent hobby.  I'm not begging for gifts, just putting it out there. :)

  1. A good Multipurpose Tool with a Knife-a serious knife, not a girl knife.  I'm not a girl, thank you.
  2. A hiking backpack for day trips-The camping backpack will come later.
  3. Hiking Socks-there are some really nice ones, of which I own 1 pair.  They are like $8 a piece but are awesome!  I got mine on sale a few months ago (summer) and want more. 
  4. A Fitness Fleece from LL Bean-Periwinkle or Light Blue.  Those are my colors!
  5. Binoculars-Just something smallish.
  6. A good compass-of course then I'd have to learn to read one again...
  7. Walking poles-I tend to slip sometimes (I'm a Zook, we're clumsy, you don't want me to fall in the Hill of Southern Ohio, or anywhere alone in the woods.)  I have a 'young tree' I walk with now when its snowy and really slippery, but walking poles would be better.  (I found my tree crushed under another tree and dug it out.  Viola!  It was the perfect walking stick.)
  8. A Fungi ID book
  9.  Endomondo Pro-This is the tracking system I use on my Blackberry to track my mileage, course, speed, time, etc when I'm walking, jogging, hiking, etc.  Love it!
  10. A Better Camera - This is the biggie and the major dream.  A Sony DSLR 14.2 mp camera.  Yeah, they run around $700 + with the lens and accessories.  Dream Big!
Okay, sorry that's enough rambling for now.  On to the pictures.  Here is the first set.  More tomorrow.  Enjoy!!

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  1. That is a nice long hike! It looks like it was a gorgeous day outside.

    And I have a list like that too :)