Sunday, January 22, 2012

Smithville (Village) Park Winter Walk: Set 1

I'm here in Smithville for the weekend.  My sister-in-law Megan's Birthday is Monday, so we went out to celebrate today.  Yummy lunch as a family at B-W's in Massillon. 

My parents and I also had some important business to deal with, my car.  I had an accident on Wednesday.  I'm fine. The other driver is fine.  Minimal damage to her car, just paint transfer and scratches.  My car isn't too bad, but the insurance company has decided to total it.  TOTAL it.  That's a big deal.  The damage is kinda bad, and the car is old; so, it is just not worth their while to repair it at this point.  So, now we are on the look for a new car.  I will get a small payout for my car, but my parent's are going to have to 'help' me buy a new car. 

Dad has been looking and basically, I don't care what he gets.  I know I should but honestly just as long as I can drive it and it runs well,, I could care less.  He knows I don't want something big, no crazy colors, etc.  We'll buy a GM car and that will be that.  He's the one who will end up dealing with major problems.  I just need to know where the battery, oil, antifreeze, break and power steering fluid, etc. go and how to check them.  Easy maintenance stuff that I can and usually do.  So, we'll see.  We hope to have something this week.  Well, we kinda have to.  I have to call the insurance company Monday and get the work started to actually total the car and get rid of it.  Then I'm gonna need something to drive when that is done.  This is nerve wracking.  Thank goodness the car is still able to be driven and doing well, for now...we don't know how long that will last.  So, the sooner the better.  (I have appointments, as usual in Columbus, several evenings this week.  I NEED a reliable car.)

Anyway, sorry to ramble, I'm home and it was warm enough this morning (24 degrees!) so I went on a walk to and through Smithville Park.  Lovely with the 6 inches of snow and the half frozen creek.  I took a lot of pictures and I'll post half tonight and half tomorrow.  (Wow, look at me, 2 series of photos going at once!-Botanical Garden and now this Winter Hike. I'm a Blogger.) 

I hope you like them.  I loved the hike, and if I hadn't had to come home to get ready to go out to lunch, I would have gone much longer; but family comes first.  Even before my desperate need for solace and silence (and to take pictures of and in nature.)  (eep) 

Enjoy the pictures and I hope you're all safe and loving this beautiful winter weather.  I am!!!!

Oh and I forgot an item for my list of things I want/need for hiking.  I've wanted these for a while and can not believe I forgot - SNOWSHOES!


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