Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And so...

And so the days pass.  Nothing new here.  I'm 'enjoying' my time off and trying to settle myself.  News from the doctor's office brings more speculation and, at present, no real new information.  Both of the surgeon's who work on my 'case' (as I guess I'm now being called, ick!) are out of town!  I have to wait until Thursday or Friday to get any real information, and I am very afraid I may go insane by then.  Ugh!  But, we must keep plugging away and let the days go...

At least I have my 'crafting' and the awesome series I've started watching on Netflix, Being Human.  Not the new, copied American version, but the original BBC version.  I love it and am already part way through Series 2.  Lord, I have to get out of this house...

So, here's some of the 'craftiness' I've been up to.  Enjoy!

Another embroidery piece.  I realized something as I was uploading this photo.  I have all these pieces I've made in the last few weeks and days, and I have no idea what I'm doing with them.  Right now they're just laying on the ironing board, waiting.  Crap, all that work has to be for something?  Must think on this...
My new purse!!!  Yeah, I know, another purse.  I swear though, this will be the last for a while that I make myself.  I've adapted and expanded my first purse attempt, which can be seen here.  I love my first version, but it is just a tad too small.  This one is a medium (to me) sized purse and is perfect.  I also re-did the handles.  Now there are two handles.  I really love it and am so insane about this fabric.  Isn't it gorgeous?!!!

The interior of the new purse.  This yellow check is fabric I've had for several years.  I used most of it up with this project and was so thrilled it went so well with my main fabric!

Interior, filled.  Can I say, I love that when I look in my purse I see a homemade wristlet, homemade tea wallet, and inside the wristlet, a homemade wallet.  I feel so talented!  Oh no, I feel a swelled head coming on!

And finally, my dinner.  Yummy!  This is a recipe I found somewhere on line and made tonight.  Baked acorn squash with apple, cinnamon, maple syrup filling.  So good!  Now, which would you rather eat: the picture above or...

this.  Same food, just pureed.  My life is so sad.  It was still really good, much easier for me to eat but, just lacking the original beauty.   *Sigh*
And by the way, I really want some pizza.  Really, really badly.  I've been craving it for about 3 weeks, and have kept myself away.  But, for how much longer?  I know, the pain isn't worth the pleasure, but oh...for one slice...

Finally, a special thanks to my friend Michele.  I've been wallowing in my own self pity and avoiding contact with the outside world.  (Just because I'm me, and I'm like that.)  She came over tonight and surprised me with a visit.  It was so nice to talk (and about subjects OTHER than me & my problems) and I felt better for it.  More human.  Anyway, thanks Michele.  I needed that, even if I didn't know it.  (Also, sorry about the house.  this will teach me to red-up a bit more and try not to live like such a slob, even if I'm sick.)

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  1. I finally emailed you back! That stinks that you won't get any "news" until the end of the week. I hope you at least get something that is encouraging so we can fix our April up!!

    Another purse...I love you for that! It is adorable! Very bright and need that

    I am going to have to get recipes from you for Henry when he can eat solid can puree anything!! :)

    Stay positive my friend...easier said then done, i know. But you can't be an anomaly forever! We will figure you out soon!!

    Love you