Saturday, October 15, 2011

The.Week.Is.Over...Thank you, Lord.

This has not been a stellar week.  My procedure Tuesday went, well, okay is being nice.  My infection had healed, but my esophagus had closed up again so another stretch was necessary.  However, the worst part of the entire thing was, no sleeping, no forgetting.  I was pretty much awake and aware the WHOLE TIME.  I won't go into gory details, but the feeling of something being shoved down your throat and things being pinched off and scrapped, are not nice feelings.  Not nice, at all.  The doctors knew I hadn't been asleep last time, but they can't give me too much more of the meds, so we're just at this point.  This is going to be really fun.  (I'm crying inside and may have nightmares.)

Anyway, issues at work, frustration with my health; everything seems to be piling up again.  I'm praying for strength and right now that is about all I have to hope for.  Everything else is just...well, I don't want to swear in my blog, so we'll stop there.

So, with the work week finally over, last night I did one of my favorite things.  Tea, cereal and Pride & Prejudice on DVD.  I love Colin Firth.  I love Jennifer Ehle.  I love that miniseries.  Brilliant!  It always makes me feel better and believe in the possibility of love.  Even when it seems like love couldn't be further away.  (Wow, I'm really depressing tonight.  Sorry.) 

Today, I got out and did a little 'shopping.'  I didn't actually buy anything but had a chance to scope out some ideas.  I drove to Logan and went to the Hocking Hills Market.  Antique shops, flea market booths, and home made crafts. I saw a lot of things I could make and have some interesting ideas for Christmas.  More to come on that level soon.  :)

Then, home to re-organize my craft/sewing area.  I haven't had a really great set up and now I think I may be on to something.  I finally have all my sewing stuff in one area.  I still want to find a better sewing table/desk but it can only cost about $25 and I'd like it if it was 'antique' or at least unique.  I don't want to buy something generic.  That would be boring.  I want something that maybe is a bit worn, scarred, and made of real wood.  A girl can dream.

Well, here are some pictures from earlier this week and today.  Nothing too exciting.  But, enjoy anyway if you so choose.  Have a great Sunday and start to a NEW & IMPROVED week ahead!

Fungus in my front yard.  You must know by now how I feel about that, right?

Up close and personal.  Am I the only one who thinks it is beautiful?

Underside.  I'm so happy to have fungus actively growing.  It is all on the stump of a tree that was taken down last summer right in the front yard!

The 3 earlier shots were taken on Wednesday.  This shot was taken today.  Isn't it so cool how it has changed in the last several days?  I'll keep monitoring the situation and be sure to update if anything new and interesting develops.  (Not that YOU care, I do.)

The tree line between my house and the neighbor's.  These trees are so beautiful.  This was taken Wednesday.  After the wind and rain yesterday and today, there are many leaves left.  Sad.

Another tree changing color in my front yard.  This tree changes in a much more subtle way, but I like it.

My new sewing set up.  I brought the card table in to the 'study' to sit beside my sewing table.  Now I don't have to sit on the floor to do my cuttings.  I have a table bit enough for my cutting mat, yeah!  (The card table was previously in the breakfast nook, but was very rarely used.

Finally, the ribbon I wore in my hair today.  Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore and Tigger on a ribbon.  I love it.  Tomorrow I think I'm going to make some fabric and/or ribbon headbands.  Yippee! 

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  1. Oh on being awake.

    Being awake for my c-section made me a little uneasy. Such a weird feeling to hear them cauterizing your insides! Though what you had done seems like it would freak me out more!