Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday Fun with The Girl!

I had plans for tonight.  Do the dishes, watch a movie, get some sewing done, do a new blog post with fancy pictures, etc.  All of those plans were thrown down the drain.  Why?  I itch from head to toe.  What was interesting is that the rash didn't come until about 2 hours in.  Strange.  Now here I sit, 2 showers and 1 major dose of Bendaryl later and I'm finally feeling a bit better.  I think I'll take another dose in about an hour and go pass out for the night. 

Anyway, I wanted to post these great pictures from our fun yesterday.  Saturday was a leaf walk with the boys.  Sunday was 'Trunk or Treat' with Miss Kay.  She is the most beautiful cheerleader I've ever seen.  (And that has nothing to do with the fact that I'm her Aunt and love her more than anything!)  Enjoy the photos and Happy Halloween!!!!

She is so photogenic!  No coaching, just POSE!  Really, isn't she beautiful?

I love this picture.  She kept hiding behind the tall grasses in the garden, then running out.  Its so nice to see her so silly and carefree.  They grow up so fast and can be so serious sometimes.

Digging in the hay.  There were trinkets hidden in the hay.  Kayla found a plastic jumping frog!

Pumpkin bottle bowling.  This was a really cute game.  They used mini pumpkins for their bowling ball.

What is that you feel?  Could it be a bowl of eyeballs?  Ick!

Smithie S face paint.  Perfect for a cheerleader.

Decorating a pumpkin.  Just watching her is enough entertainment for me.  Why is it that at times just looking at a picture of the kids is enough to make you cry?  I never understood how much you could really love someone until Kayla was born.  Now we have three and another on the way.  How blessed we are!

Posing with Red.  Her other grandma loves M&Ms, so we had to get a picture!

Flowers in the front garden at my parents.

This is one of my favorite trees.  I love the shade of yellow it turns in the fall.  Also, on a side note, I walked around the yard with Miss Kay and she was able to correctly identify almost all the trees.  I am so proud!!!!

Some cool fungus.  Kay and I agreed it looked like the entrance to a fairy house.  What do you think?


  1. How fun!! Looks like a great day :)

    P.S. I am not a doctor, but it sounds like someone went for a roll in the hay and that is why they are so itchy :)

  2. @wrestling kitties

    Yes, it was fun! And, if I'd had a 'roll in the hay' I would not be lamenting the itching, but relishing every moment of it! Maybe that's all I really need...;)