Sunday, October 30, 2011

A fun (and exhausting) Saturday!

Yesterday I had a wonderful day.  A bit tiring, pain causing and at time frustrating; but wonderful none-the-less.  I made my way to my hometown on Friday and spent the evening with my parents.  On Saturday morning, my brother and sister-in-law dropped off the boys before they went to an OSU football game. 

So, my folks and I got to spend a great day with the boys.  We had lunch; went to an estate sale (my aunt's mother in law's things-I got a TOTALLY AWESOME antique book of Tennyson's Poetry!); the boys and I went on a leaf walk at the Park; then home to see my niece Kayla and spend some time with my other brother and his wife!  We went to dinner and then Kayla and Nick did some leaf rubbings while Paul went to bed.  We had a great time and it was so worth the exhaustion and pain, and I am learning more and more to take the pills when I need then to try to keep living my life as normal as possible.  I love my kids and my family on the whole!  They are great!

Here's a few pictures from our day together.  Hope you enjoy them!

Nicholas & Paul on the end of the Caboose in Smithville.  They both love trains and were excited to get up on this for a photo!

The creek at the Park in Smithville.

The boys on the bridge.  We were starting to get a bit chilly at this point!

The pavilion at the Upper Park.  So many pretty leaves.

The boys!  It was Paul's idea to 'sit' on the trees.  They are so cute!

We thought this curvy tree was cool.

A view of the creek from the Upper Park.  Such pretty foliage.

The sun beginning to set while we were walking back home.

We stopped for a quick playtime on the playground equipment.  Of course we had to shoot a couple photos.  Nick on the slide and...

yes, that's Paul on the other slide.  Though you can't see his face, that's my baby!

Paul riding the 'pretend' tractor at the Barn Restaurant.  We had a lot of fun playing while we waited for a table.

Kayla crushing Grandma in checkers at the barn.  She's pretty good (with a little help!)

Kayla and Nicholas doing their leaf rubbings.  We found some awesome leaves at the park!


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