Sunday, October 9, 2011

Crafting Weekend

I've had quite a weekend.  I meant to get more done and be really productive, but that hasn't happened.  No, that's not true.  I've been productive, just with fun things!

Below are a few photos of some crafty things I've been working on this weekend.  Enjoy!

My newest embroidery work.  I really love this sunflower and the pattern around it.  I'm thinking I'll work the design into a purse or tote.

This is all I got done on the pattern this weekend, but I should have time to work on it this week...

My needle book.  Made of felt and I love the colors.  But my button hole is awful and the rest of my sewing was substandard.  Don't know what was going on there.

The back of my needle book.  My good embroidery needles are in here and this is perfect for work on the go!

Interior of the book. I really like the pink and green together.

My new purse!  I have downsized in a MAJOR way.  I no longer want to lug around a huge purse and this new one was a pattern I came up with this afternoon.  I Love It!  I've been walking around the house with it on!

The back.  I really like these fabrics.  They came in a bundle and are from a Moda fabric line.

My new handle design.  I've had the D rings and have wanted to use them.  It was actually really easy and I like the effect and flexibility.

Interior.  Coordinating fabric and lots of pockets.  They are all big enough for my Blackberry and camera.  I also boxed the bottom so it has a little more width.  I'm going to try it out for a few days and then maybe start another one that I'll make a tutorial with.
On another note.  I had hesitated saying anything, but just in case.  I'm having my next EGD this coming Tuesday.  (Its only been 5 weeks since my last one!)  But, I've been having a lot of problems and have an infection that won't seem to go away.  I have been told by my primary doctor to prepare that if the infection is still there and not getting any better, I may have to stay for a few days at OSU.  Its really not a big deal. Just that the next stage of medications have to be done in IV form and I'll have to be at the Medical Center for 2-3 days to be monitored.  I'm anxious to do it, as the pain is bad and I would like a few days away from everything!  I really want to get better and am excited to be 'waited' on for once!  I've been prepping lots of embroidery projects and things to take with me.  Two to three days of sewing, TV, reading and just 'laying around'.  I'm kind of starting to think of this as a possible vacation! 

Anyway, just thought I'd give my friends and family a heads-up.  Its no big deal.  My parents are coming with me to the EGD and will help me get settled in IF I have to stay.  There is a chance I won't have to but, like I said just in case!

Have a great week everyone!


  1. I am thinking of you and will call you soon

    That purse is so cute!! And I love your craft projects!!


  2. @wrestling kitties
    Thanks Jenn! I've been thinking about you a lot too! I'm doing a little better now and hope the improvement may continue. How is Henry? Send some pics! I bet he is getting so big, now that he is an old 1 month old man! Love You!