Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Oh no, its Tuesday...

I should be asleep.  I need to be at work early tomorrow and I'm still up.  And I'm posting on my blog.  What am I nuts?  Oh, yeah, right.  Anyway, now that I've finished the dishes, taken all my meds, set everything out for the morning, gotten the coffee pot ready, cleaned up, etc; I'm ready for bed.  But one small thing I wanted to do.  Post a few pictures of what I've been working on tonight.  Sorry I'm a bit proud.  They're not the best cards ever, but they are unique and I think pretty.  I hope the recipients do too.  And I hope you Enjoy the photos!


I haven't done much stamping/card making lately so my skills are a bit rusty.  But I love these bug stamps!

The front and back.  The cupcake is an embroidery piece I made.  I think its rather cute!

My little bird.  I love him.  He is so colorful and adorable.

More of the bug stamps.  And you can see on this one where I did a little sewing around the edges on the cards.

The inside.  I really like this pack of scrapbook paper.  So simple, but pretty.


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