Thursday, November 3, 2011

November 3 - I'm Thankful for...

To be honest, today I'm finding it hard to be thankful.  Its been a terrible day.  If I wasn't committed to doing this I would've just gone to bed without blogging.  However, I would like to see this through the entire month, so I will make my thankful ration for today and go to bed to end this horrid day.

Today I am thankful primary doctor, Dr. Nabeel.  I've had a lot of doctors over the past several years and I finally think I have one who really listens to me.  He doesn't judge me, even when I'm super depressed, crying, whiny and in his office for the umpteenth time in the past several weeks.  He always calls me back himself to calm me down and answer my questions.  He takes time with me to make sure I understand what is going on, what we will be doing and what I should expect to happen next.  But most importantly, he is compassionate to what I am going through.  He doesn't make light of the situation and make it seem that so many other people live the same way (and I know they do), but that this is my life and its hard for me and that's what matters.  Thank you Dr. Nabeel.  I really appreciate you.  You make a tough situation a little easier.


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