Saturday, November 5, 2011

November 5 - Thankful

Today has been a pretty nice day.  Not a particularly eventful day, and I haven't felt great but it has been nice.  Nice because today, I slept.  Most all of the day.  I slept last night (I was only up once briefly) and i have slept on and off all day today.  I am so glad for it I can not begin to express my happiness.  So, for today I am most thankful for the glorious blessing that is rest and sleep.  God has truly given me peace today in that one human comfort.  Thank you Lord.  And Goodnight Friends.  Maybe tomorrow I will be rested enough to leave the house, go to church, get some necessary work done AND take a few last pictures of the fading fall colors to post for you.  Again, Goodnight!


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