Thursday, November 10, 2011

So, I've been thinking...

Hey friends, I'm back tonight.  I wasn't quite ready to log off after all.  I was out in the kitchen unpacking my medicine kit and I had a thought. I've had this particular thought several times lately and I've decided to go ahead and do it.  Maybe people will read it, maybe not.  We'll see.  I'm not asking for pity. Or advice.  (Friends, I hate advice, my health is mine and I know how to deal with it.)  I just want to share my medical story and all the problems I've had health wise.  I'll explain some of my conditions, talk a lot about procedures, doctors, doctor visits (both of those good and BAD), medications, schedules, etc.  It will probably be in bits and pieces and if you want to share some of your story, please feel free to do so.

Tonight, I thought I'd start out simply.  My current medications.  It's kind of funny, if you don't have to take them, pay for them or really think too much about it.  ;)  I shot a few photos while I was putting them away.  I tried not to show all the labels (I need a tad bit of privacy), but you get the general idea.  And to be honest.  This is as much for me to maybe 'remember' someday how much I was taking back when.  Maybe in a few months or a year I'll look back on this and think 'Holy Crap' I was taking that much stuff?'

So, without further ado, this is what my day looks like, medication wise.  Enjoy?

My morning.  (From left to right) My first chug of my new med, my powder in my tea, 1 vitamin (huge), 2 chewable vitamins, 1 capsule, 1 tablet, the first of this capsule, and the first of this tablet.  Lovely.  8 medications to start the day!

This combo will then happen 2 times.  Once at lunch (if I actually eat, probably not), then later when I get home from work.  Yummy!

And this is my bedtime routine.  I hate the bedtime routine.  It is large and so much!  1 chug, powder, 2 huge vitamin pills, 2 sprays (each nostril), another huge vitamin, another tablet, 2 more tablets, another tablet, another tablet, the 2nd of this capsule, another capsule and the last tablet.  Yeah!  12 more meds! Who hooo!  Can you say moo-la!

Now this section is what I like to call my incidentals.  These are my current daily required incidentals.  1 capsule, at least 4 dissoluble tabs, and at least 4 little pills.  (The little pills are my happy pills!)

These are my other incidentals.  Some I very rarely, if ever take.  Others I take somewhat regularly.  My benadryl is a regular, the large white tabs are migraine pills which are regulars and the inhaler can be a regular in the summer.  The other 2 we really hope to avoid at all cost!
 Well, I hope you've been intrigued by this strange post.  All told I take 18 different medications currently, 30 doses of medications daily, and 38 pills, powders, sprays, chugs all in total.  Wow.  I find that amazing.  I'm a chemical stew!

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