Sunday, November 13, 2011

Athens - Part 2: Ohio University

So, for the 2nd part of my walk yesterday I took a stroll through part of Ohio University Campus.  Not, by a long shot, all of it.  Just a bit Uptown Athens.  I took a few pretty (to me) photos and enjoyed some lovely weather.  It was so nice that there was no home football game.  Town was relatively quiet and it was so peaceful to walk around, sit for a bit and just watch the squirrels in the oak trees.  I will say one thing for OU, they have a beautiful campus.  I would NEVER trade my days at BGSU for anything.  I am a proud Falcon and believe I received a better education, mentoring from professors and professionals and an all around superior experience because of the time I spent at Bowling Green.  But, lets be honest our campus at Bowling Green is, well unique.  I love BG and always Forward Falcons!

Well, here are my photos for tonight.  Hope you enjoy them!

I liked these steps.  I took them as I entered onto campus from the Uptown streets.

These lead up from the Scrips School of Journalism.  Its a really neat green.

No idea what this building is, but loved it.

The front lawn.

Love that tree!

Pretty leaves and a gorgeous rock wall.

I sat to take a break (on the rock wall) and had to take this shot.  My knee was KILLING ME by this point.  I am a bit upset by this.  It had almost healed completely until about 2 weeks ago, then bam.  Now the pain is back full force and I had a lot of trouble walking around yesterday and am in a good deal of pain today.  The orthopedist will be so happy on Wednesday.   :(

I liked that archway down the alley.  I has several chairs and a table in it for students to sit and relax.

The adorable stamps I purchased at a store Uptown. The were $.99 a piece and are so me!  Love them and love the rocks in the stone wall under them!

Memorial Chapel.

Down the alleyway by Memorial Chapel.

Pine cones.  I like pine cones.

Beautiful wilting orange leaves.

The Auditorium.

The new 'short' section of bike path at West State Street Park.

The Hocking River!

This is an awesome tree in the water below.  The picture didn't come out that great.  Sorry.

Another shot of my feat as I stood up on the rungs of the side of the bridge to get some photos.

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  1. HAHA! What do you mean...unique?! ;)

    April, you should see it now. I don't think it looks like the campus we went to *cough cough* years ago! I drove by the other day and things are SO different. You should come up and see it....oh yeah and see US!