Tuesday, November 8, 2011

November 8 - Thankful

So, not many photos lately.  I hope to try to change that tomorrow, but we'll see if the weather cooperates.  I'm off all day and while I have a LONG doctor's appointment, I hope to have a little time in Columbus to enjoy some time off.  Of course, if I had gotten more work accomplished tonight...well, that's another story. 

Anyway, for today, I'm going to be thankful for what all Americans should be thankful for, the right to vote.  I did my civic duty, I hope you did too!  It looks like we in Ohio defeated Issue 2!  Hip, Hip, Ho-Ray!!!!  Take that Gov.!  (And by the way, good luck with a 2nd term, hahahahahahaha!)

Well, goodnight all.  Wish me luck.  Tomorrow's appointment is with the ENT.  It shouldn't be too bad.  Just another tube and hopefully some help getting my voice back on track.  My appointment Thursday morning, that's where I need the prayers.  Things are getting worse everyday and my gastroenterologist had better have some answers, or some serious ideas, or we are gonna go!


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