Monday, November 7, 2011

November 7 - Thankful

So, today I'm thankful for two things.  (There are lots of things I should be thankful for but, I going to concentrate on these 2 things.)

  1. Oxycodone - I wish I didn't need it but, I do.  I tried to follow my doctor's wishes and go without it (its causing problems with other parts of my body) but I couldn't do it.  The pain was INTENSE.  Seriously intense.  I cried on the phone when I spoke with the doctor.  I usually never do that.  So, he said I could take it, just try to only take 1 dose a day.  My entire day was turned around after I took it.  I was morose and depressed until the pain medicine kicked in.  After it took effect, I was back to me.  Happy, enthusiastic, Miss April.  Good to be me and alive again!
  2. My preschoolers - Unfortunately, they got me during the worst of my pain. I hope my poor babies didn't know too much that I was in A TERRIBLE MOOD AND IN INTENSE PAIN.  One of them did comment, repeatedly, that I seemed very tired today.  I tried my best to fake my way through the morning and they were such good little tots for the most part.  I love them and with my pain medication in place tomorrow, I will be a much better teacher and a whole lot more fun!
Goodnight all!


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